What it is NOT:

  • NOT a museum

  • NOT a planetarium

  • NOT a theme park

  • NOT an arcade

  • NOT laser tag

What it is:

  • Simulation center

  • Real-life video game

  • Immersive role playing

  • Create-your-own-adventure

  • Amazing

How it works:

What you will see when you set foot on one of our state-of-the-art spaceship simulators is the bridge of a starship that you and your fellow crew member are in control of. Each of you has a unique job that is critical in reaching the end of your mission successfully. You will be given a mission briefing, tasked with mission objectives, and left to make your own choices as you navigate the story together with your crew. Throughout the course of your mission you will encounter challenges that do not have a fixed solution, requiring you to consider the situation carefully and choose the best option you can come up with. You may also come face to face with one of our many actors that play the role of anything from a helpful crew member from below decks to an alien intruder.

Everything you can do at the Space Center


We offer a variety of camps throughout the year, with the most exciting camps taking place during the summer. Those that book a spot in a space camp will be joining other campers in the many popular activities offered.  Because camps are typically longer than a private group mission experience, campers will get the chance to fly multiple missions. This means they will get to try out new ships and even take on different jobs on the ship. Camps are a great way to make friends, get the most immersive experience, and make your summer or holiday break unforgettable.


Space Camp Utah

Group Missions

Group missions can happen at any time for any occasion. All it requires is you reserving a ship ahead of time. This allows you to bring your own group to fly a two-hour or four-hour mission. The easiest way to describe it is that choosing to do a space mission is like going to a movie, but instead of watching the movie, you are the movie. The Discovery Space Center was voted #1 Kids Birthday and #1 Date Place in Utah Valley by the Daily Herald. You can also bring the magic of the space center to your own event by contacting us about our mobile mission simulator.


UCS Everest

Birthday Party

A birthday party at the Discovery Space Center really is as amazing as it sounds. We bring an end to all the stress and time of trying to come up with an activity that can entertain a group of sugar-loaded kids all on your own. Just reserve a spaceship simulator, drop off the group, and you’re the greatest parent ever. It’s that simple! You even have the choice of reserving a table right outside the simulation area in case you want to bring the presents and food as well.


Super Overnight Camp

Field trips

For years, students from around the state have enjoyed the chance to take their learning to the next level. Subjects come alive like never before when students get to actually apply what they are learning in the classroom. Thanks to our partnership with INFINI D Learning, schools that are unable to integrate their own classroom simulator still get the chance to experience the exciting curriculum simulations that kids can’t get enough of.


Space Center Field Trip

Awards and Recognition